Different Apps That Can Help You Stay Hydrated In Winter

You can’t achieve your fitness goals or live a healthy lifestyle unless you consume a decent amount of water. For this, you can consume a number of drinks including detox and fruit-infused water, smoothies, etc., and stay hydrated. This can help you a lot during winter, especially if your body consumes an excessive amount of calories, excretes more urine, etc. 

You can keep yourself hydrated and updated by downloading a suitable app on your iOS and Android devices. You can do this by using Ziply Internet service, which provides the best internet service and Ziply Customer Support to their customers in America. For now, let’s have a look at the different apps that can help you stay hydrated during winter: 

Hydro Coach

This is the perfect app for people who want to boost their health and feel great by drinking water. The app lets users learn how much water they are supposed to drink, record their water consumption, get Reminders, etc. The app also lowers your stress levels and boosts your energy by letting you consume an ample amount of water. 

The app has some unique features like providing information about your water consumption, etc. It can send notifications and alerts to prevent you from missing your water consumption and create personalized water intake calculations. You can also maintain and review your stats and water consumption history to keep yourself on track. 

The app is backed up by scientific research and provides accurate water consumption estimates based on your gender, weight, and lifestyle. To keep yourself motivated, it provides users with a unique celebratory message whenever they complete their goals. 

App Store Review: 4.7

Drink water

The app can help you get reminders about your water consumption and track your water consumption history. It is the ideal app for people who stay busy and need to remember to consume water daily. One of the app’s main functions is to help users keep track of their water consumption and help replenish their energy as well.  

The app has an attractive and easy-to-use UI, a diverse menu with around 20 different drinks, human body graphics to track your water consumption, etc. Besides this, the app integrates easily with the Apple Health app to record your water consumption history, and so on.

App Store Review: 4.6

Plant Nanny² Water Tracker Log

The app helps you stick to your water consumption routine using a very interactive and fun way. It works as a cute water reminder app that can track your water consumption, motivate you to drink water daily, etc. This way, you can solve different health problems caused by low water intake. Also, you can consume water and set a daily schedule by growing and collecting plants. This way, you can practice self-care and stay healthy using a built-in water-drinking reminder and water tracker. 

The app provides access to more than 50 exclusive virtual plants and helps you adjust your goals and drinking schedule. Whenever it is time for you to drink water, the app sends you automated reminders and cultivates a habit of drinking water regularly. To keep yourself motivated, the app provides rewards when you complete small missions. Besides this, the app has a simple design and UI that can help you track water consumption, view records, and view daily/weekly/monthly trends. 

App Store Review: 4.7


The app helps people looking for a healthy routine, ways to stay hydrated, and lets users know about the benefits of drinking water. There are different charts and reminders that can help you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals. It is an intuitive app that can help you track and calculate your personalized water intake goals based on your lifestyle and exercise choices.

You can use the app’s 3D Touch feature to log water quickly, create custom drinks, and get integrated with HealthKit, Fitbit, Jawbone, etc. The app is the best blend of features that helps users stay hydrated and healthy. 

App Store Review: 4.3


In the end, one can say that using apps to stay hydrated and healthy is the best way to stay healthy during winter. For this, you must know which app can help you achieve your hydration and fitness goals. Many of these apps are free. However, you might need to pay a certain amount to unlock the premium features offered by the apps. 

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