User Guide On How To Use RAW Cones

How to Use RAW pre-made Rolling Cones Correctly to Get the Most Out of Your Smoke

Bongs are fun and vapes are cool, but there’s one method of smoking that will never die. We are talking of course, about the classic joint. If you’ve been wanting to try smoking your herb in this classic and chill manner, it isn’t as hard as you might think.

So what’s the easiest possible way to roll a joint? Well, many professional smokers, tokers, and puff-puff passers will tell you that RAW Cones are the way to go. RAW Cones are pre-made joint rolls that naturally contain no chemical glues, chalk, or animal byproducts. These cones offer you a delicious, smooth, and clean smoking experience. RAW rolling paper cones are a fantastic option because they come pre-rolled and ready to fill. All you have to do is load them up and get to smoking!

How exactly do you use RAW pre-rolls? That’s where this guide comes in. Below, we will walk you through how to “roll” the perfect joint with RAW cones for the simplest, cleanest, and most hassle-free smoking experience possible. Let’s get to it!

Here’s a Simple Walk Through on How to Use a RAW Cone

It’s so easy! We will walk through what RAW cones are and how you use them. First off, RAW cones are a type of natural pre-rolled rolling papers. They come fitted with a paper spacer and then packaged with a straw inside. The straw helps them to keep their shape in the packaging, so you don’t need to worry about the straw. The packaging keeps these cones fresh, perfectly preserved, and ready to smoke. So, just open your RAW cone, take the straw out, and set it aside. Now you can start preparing your joint.

To use a RAW cone, you simply fill it with herbs. We recommend grinding your bud to the right consistency first, this helps with aeration and is the ideal way to make a nice joint that smokes evenly. You’ll want to pack your cone decently, but not so tight that you can’t get airflow going. You can use the spacer straw to help pack it if you want. Next, you’ll twist the end shut so that the weed stays in the cone. Finally, you light it up and enjoy an evenly-burning and relaxing smoke sesh! Just smoke your RAW joint like you’d smoke a cigarette. Or, smoke it however you like, it’s your weed after all. So that’s it! It really is that simple.

Why Smoke a Joint Instead of Using a Pipe?

So this is a more complicated question than you might think. Every stoner and cannabis enthusiast has their own favorite method of smoking. A premium blunt or joint is the OG way to smoke your OG Cush. For some, being able to smoke a blunt or roll the perfect joint is a matter of pride. For others, it’s the convenience of not having to clean out a pipe, figure out how to work a bong, or mess with all of those other new methods of toking up. Joints are disposable, portable, and perfect for smoking anytime, anywhere. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to keep on you for a smoke session whenever you really need it. However, there’s actually a science to smoking a J as well.

Some say that you get a far different high when you smoke a pipe, versus a joint, versus a bong, and so on. This actually is completely true. Joints offer a mellow and simple high that isn’t overly intense, way too smokey, or scalding hot. If you’ve ever hit a pipe the wrong way, you know what we are talking about. With a nice blunt, spliff, or joint, you’ll get cooler smoke and a slower smoother burn that doesn’t make your throat too hot like hitting a pipe sometimes can. Plus, you can go at your own pace, and savor your green with much less effort. So, if you’ve never tried smoking herb with a joint, it may be well worth looking into. Which brings us to our next point.

Why Are Pre-Rolled Cones So Handy?

Pre-rolled rolling paper cones are perfect for those who want to start smoking joints but aren’t sure where to start. There’s nothing sadder than ruining your herb with a sloppy spit-covered blunt that’s been rolled with a page from the Bible. That is not the right way to roll up a nice joint. If you feel like rolling a joint with a pre-rolled cone is cheating, it most definitely isn’t. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being smart enough to not want to ruin your expensive Sativa blend!

A pre-rolled cone like the cones from the RAW brand will save your weed from a terribly rolled soggy spit blunt. These cones let you ease into the blunt smoking game gently. That way, you can find out if this is even the type of high you’re privy to. It’s the perfect way to get into joint smoking. If you’re a seasoned smoker and expert joint roller, you may still want to give these cones a try. They save you time, give you a clean and chemical-free smoking experience, and are super convenient. There’s nothing wrong with working smarter instead of harder.

Why Are RAW Rolling Cones the Ideal Pre-Roll Option?

RAW Cones are made for everyone. They work for people who smoke a lot and for people that simply have been wanting to find an easier way to roll a joint. RAW Pre-Rolled Cones have essentially revolutionized the smoking industry. They are way faster and easier to fill and made of better materials. These cones use simple and unbleached paper with no dyes, chalks, or chemical glues. Plus, they come in a wide range of options, paper composition, and sizes. You can choose from hemp paper or classic paper, standard sizes, king sizes, a special Peacemaker Cone, and more. No matter what you’re looking for, RAW has a cone for you. Just select the size that seems perfect for what you need.

You Can Easily Try RAW Cones for Yourself! Ordering Online Saves You Money.

If you want to save your green so you can invest it in the other and more enjoyable kind of green, ordering your RAW rolling papers and cones online is the way to go. RAW offers an extensive range of premium papers, cones, and more, all available online. This means you’ll get access to a wider product range, save money, and have your products shipped directly to you without the hassle. We hope this guide has been helpful, and wish you the best possible smoking experience!

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