How to Score Good Grades in Maths and Physics Subjects?

Those students who fall in the middle of the topper and fail student categories are the students in the average group; neither do they receive high scores nor do they receive low marks in their tests. The most prevalent comments on their report cards from their professors are things like ‘you can do better or ‘work hard to do better, which simply suggests that these pupils have room for development. They only need to know how to achieve excellent scores like top students.

Mathematics is the only topic in which learning theory is less significant than solving numerical problems. Physics is a topic that causes many headaches for students since it involves hard mathematical issues. However, it is a fascinating natural science that has tremendously aided our understanding of the universe and technological advancement. More question papers, such as physics questions and answers, will help you boost your test result.

How do you manage Physics and mathematics like a great scholar?

Stop being afraid! Begin to comprehend!

It is the theory in physics that leads to derivations and computations. As a result, students must concentrate more on comprehending physics fundamentals in addition to understanding the derivations. Remember to study Motion in Straight Line Problems with Solutions for NEET because this topic is important in physics exams. So, watch tutorials, clear doubts with your professors, study NCERT and refreshers, or discuss with your friends about physics, but make sure you understand all of the ideas before you start practicing.


The Physics problem you’re working on may appear challenging at first, but if you take another look and start analysing it, you’ll notice that it’s actually a lot easier than you expected. It’s critical to maintain cool and try to relate the problem to a situation you’re familiar with by mentally simplifying it.

Increase your practice

Mathematics is the only discipline in which studying theory is less important than completing numerical problems. As a result, students who are deficient in mathematics should solve as many problems as possible in order to improve their speed and accuracy.

Use mental calculations 

Students should solve basic elements of the problems using mental calculations or aptitude. It is usual for students to become stuck with difficult calculations, but they may save time and effort by doing mental calculations of even elementary arithmetic. Top students recognize the fact that they use mental calculations in mathematics to toy with numbers and acquire rapid and precise results.

Adopting new methods for solving problems is not a good idea.

Students must understand that maths, the only discipline in which altering learning methods and strategies to answer problems, is uncommon. Over the years, we’ve been adjusting to the approaches that maths professionals have taught us. There are several engaging and enjoyable ways to study mathematics, such as Vedic mathematics; however, students who are unfamiliar with it should not attempt it during their examinations. When students have free time and want to learn something new and exciting, they should use these techniques of studying arithmetic.

Extra practice

Together with revision, it is critical to continue practicing questions in order to achieve complete excellence in the topic. To adapt to the high computations and lengthy derivations, continue practicing problems from NCERT, previous year Physics and Maths question answers, and other literature. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to handle test pressure.


Students who are afraid of mathematics and physics yet must take the subject in exams should not be concerned; instead, they should devise a plan and strategy to overcome this challenge. Students may easily earn good grades in mathematics and physics if they use the right formulas and methods. Use the tips provided here to overcome your fear and achieve good grades in your subjects.

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