7 Points: How Frameworks Play an Important Role in Website Development?

Web development has become more convenient and easier with the arrival of frameworks which provide a robust platform for the process. Developers tend to prefer these tools for their job as they help in completing the whole process in a structured manner while saving time with the inbuilt modules taking care of a lot of functions. In this article we will be discussing the topic of frameworks- important role in website development, by listing out the key advantages they present to any user.

1. Reduced Cost Of Development

The cost of the development of the virtual interface is a huge factor in deciding upon the method to be used for the purpose and frameworks help in reducing the expenses as most of the popular names are open in source in nature and do not require payment of any fees. Besides, with most repetitive tasks being completed with the help of templates, time is saved as no fresh code needs to be written every time a similar function needs to be added. Once the user gets familiar with the basics of the chosen product, the graduation of the project from the planning stage to development is rapid as handling the technological aspects is not a complex process while

2. Extensibile In Nature

Each and every framework is extensible in nature and new functionalities can be added either by the user who can write a custom code or through updates provided by the company behind the product. Any programmer does not need to write the whole program from the beginning and the existing structure can be extended for the desired functionality. This feature makes these platforms ideal for the purpose of web development as every project is unique with its own requirements and while some elements remain constant, many others need a personalized approach which is not possible with packages that are based on a one size fits all premise.

3. Real Time Monitoring Of Progress

The topic of this article, frameworks- important role in website development has been chosen for outlining the benefits of these tools for any developer and the advantage of monitoring the progress of the project in real time can be termed as the most convenient. All frameworks have an editor based on the What- You- See- Is- What- You- Get (WYSIWYG) approach, which makes it possible for the professional to see the modifications as and when they are being made. Using any other tool for the purpose which does not possess the WYSIWYG feature, will require the complete input of the code manually followed, without which no preview can be generated. This means that even for rectifying a minor mistake one has to wait for the entire program to be uploaded for generation of the preview, making the whole process time consuming.

4. Effortless And Flexible Customization

Websites are no longer simple repositories of basic information but have instead transformed into full- fledged entities that can be used for various purposes like business transactions. Besides, in this age of fierce competition, it is mandatory for every virtual interface to stand out in every aspect, from appearance to functionalities. Frameworks allow for effortless customization with altering the basic elements like colour and typography in just a few minutes besides providing the facility for adding any desired utility by using pre-set modules or devising a fresh one. Changing business requirements may necessitate modifications to the virtual interface and in absence of frameworks, a user would have had to make alterations to the entire code for conducting even a small change. This is not the case with these convenient tools and any change can be conducted easily and quickly.

5. Enables Responsive Website Creation

It is essential to have a highly productive presence on the internet in order to generate good returns on investment and for that to happen, a virtual interface that can be deployed on any device is mandatory. Responsive websites can be easily created by using these platforms that have resources like Javascript and CSS files which can be used for the purpose. Moreover, a lot of frameworks are equipped with facilities that can be used to add responsive features like adjusting the size of the content according to the screen size. Apart from device compatibility, a user is also assured of an online interface that can be accessed on any well known browser on a system with any of the prevalent operating systems.

6. Secure Platform For Development

The multitude of developers involved in the development of a framework apart from the vast number of users means that any loopholes must be getting detected immediately with the necessary solution being provided in the next update. A core team usually develops the product before testing and releasing it which undergoes even more stringent trials by the numerous developers making the framework more robust.A secure platform is a must for web development and almost all the major frameworks have in- built features that guarantee the creation of a safe website.

7. Documentation And Support

Just like any WordPress website development company can always rely on the detailed documentation of the CMS and a vibrant community of users for support on any issue, framework users can also look forward to assistance from developers who keep posting on various aspects of their chosen platform on the relevant forums. Most of the professionals upload information about any solutions to problems that they encountered or a functionality devised by them for any project which can be used by a visitor searching for a similar solution. Information about every well known service is provided by experts on the relevant forums as well as on the official blogs of each framework. There are agencies and groups working specifically towards providing solutions for many frameworks and they can also be approached for the resolution of any issue.


After reading all the points listed above in our analysis of the topic  frameworks- important role in website development, you must have got an overview about the advantages of using these versatile and convenient platforms for building websites.

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