20 Best Real Estate Investing Niches For 2018

If you have set your mind to invest in real estate but confused about the niche then, you have come to the right place. To help you a bit in this process, we have created the ultimate list of 20 best ever real estate niches you can invest your hard earned money in. Here you go.

  • Single Family Houses

Investing in single-family houses is an affordable choice. These houses don’t share plots and are built on their own plots. If you can manage a project in a healthy neighborhood then this kind of investment can give you a higher return on investment with time.

  • Large Apartment Buildings

A building having more than 100 units can be considered as a large apartment building. You can get paid for several units from several economic pay scales under one roof. You can invest in any upcoming residential projects in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or any other high-tech cities for higher profit.

  • Small Apartment Buildings

A building comprises 5 to 100 units are called small apartment buildings. This is also a lucrative real estate niche and people are making enough money out of this niche. You can find similar ready to move flats in noida extension, Delhi, Mumbai and other cities to invest on.

  • Duplexes, Triplexes, Quads

Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads stand for 2 units, 3 units, and 4 units hybrid individual apartments respectively. This comes under a building but is quite spacious. These produce comparatively higher rental incomes.

  • Condos and Townhomes

A condo is an individual unit just like a villa built on a larger complex along with other units. Renting a condo can be a sustainable cash-flow stream that you can leverage for the entire life.

  • Retail Space

Retail investors are those who own the building comprises several retail shops. These can be restaurants, garment shops, movie theaters, drug stores, or anything similar. You can invest in a single shop or a mall incorporating several shops for a higher return.

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  • Office Space

This niche is slightly different from the retail niche. This niche ranges from single office building to high skyscrapers. You can choose yours wisely as you are getting a vast range of options.

  • Industrial Space

Investing in an industrial space can be huge as these areas occupy an enormous space, incorporating thousands of square feet. This is a specialized niche and attracting more investors day by day.

  • Self-Storage Space

There are people who like to buy stuff randomly need a place to store these all. There comes the role of self-storage space which is widely liked by the real estate investors. In this case, the turn-on is you don’t need to deal with tenants but the stuff which is way more peaceful.

  • Bank Owned

Bank owned properties are such properties which are solely owned by a bank. They don’t earn from the property itself but they earn from the interests on loans. So sometimes they list these properties at a visually lower rate to sell it quickly. You can check with bank property listing sites or agents for information.

  • Bankruptcy

It is a legal term or process for a business or the individuals who fail to repay their loan to a particular bank. After getting bankrupted, people usually need to sell their properties. You can find out such cases and invest in a property like this as the buying prices are very attractive.

  • Burned Out Landlords

Not all of the landlords know how to handle a property smoothly. That creates conflict between the landlord and the tenants. If you can find such landlords and know how to play the game then you can make a steady income stream around it. You will get this kind of property at a reduced rate and by bearing a minimum expense you can enjoy the high-return over a long period.

  • Code Violations

Some property owners receive condition codes from the municipalities. They are asked to repair the property as described in the code. Many of them don’t have enough fortune at a particular time to repair their property. You can buy such properties at a really lower rate and use it smartly.

  • Short-Term Rentals

These kinds of rentals are lucrative and popular as occupants frequently look for a short stay for a few days or even months. Companies like Airbnb and OYO Rooms ease this process for you.

  • Long-Term Rentals

Now, this niche is a really profitable one in terms of real estate investing. Long-term rentals are renting out a property to a tenant for 5 to 10 years or more. This decreases your expenses and saves you a hassle-free income for the long run.

  • Student Rental

Investing in a property in university or college towns is also an option. The tenants of these properties are mostly students. Due to steady enrolments in the Colleges and Universities, your income stream would remain steady as well.

  • Vacation Rentals

You can rent out your property as a vacation stay for the tourists. This can be even better if you own a property near the main attraction areas of a particular place. For example, in Goa, if you own a property near the sea beach then BINGO!

  • Special Needs Group

You can explore the niche of providing housing solutions to the people with disabilities. In this case, you can directly contact the non-profit organization to make a plan to add some values to the life of people having special needs.

  • Rent To Own

Renting out a property to its potential buyer until the buyer pays the full buying price is a great way to earn some extra cash. This way the buyer gets the property without paying the full price at once and you can enjoy the interest in the form of rents.

  • Government Assistance

In some cases, the Government pays the house rent of their employees as a perk. They can be the tenants of a privately owned property. The property owner gets assured rent on time. Sometimes, the rent can be higher as per the rental scheme by the Government.

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