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What are Your Rights in Case of A Motorcycle Accident in Las Vegas?

What are Your Rights in Case of A Motorcycle Accident in Las Vegas

A motorcycle accident can initiate a lengthy journey towards healing from both the physical and emotional injuries sustained in the crash, as well as the pursuit of rightful compensation. However, meeting with an accident in a place like Las Vegas that’s bustling with tourists can leave you confused and helpless as to where to seek help and guidance. This is where the legal aspect of the entire scenario comes in. In this blog, we’ll be discussing important pointers on the same.

What to do in case of a motorcycle accident?

Following an accident, if you’ve sustained injuries, it’s important to understand potential outcomes based on fault and the nature of your injuries, as they determine your rights. Establishing fault is a key aspect in the majority of motorcycle accident cases. Often, collisions happen because drivers fail to notice motorcyclists while attempting lane changes. Click here to know more about your rights following an accident in Las Vegas.

In the event that you are deemed responsible for the accident, your motorcycle insurance provider will still compensate for your medical expenses and lost income for up to two years, within the policy’s constraints (Exceptions may apply for medical bills beyond this timeframe). To get better insights into your entitlements in such accidents, hiring a knowledgeable attorney can be of great help. 

In the event that you are not responsible for the accident, not only will the insurance provider cover your medical expenses and lost income for up to two years within the policy’s limitations, but the other driver’s insurance will handle your bodily injury claims for pain and suffering, as well as medical expenses that surpass your own policy limits (Exceptions may apply for medical bills beyond this period).

You also have the option to pursue compensation for property damage resulting from the accident, as well as any lost income and medical expenses not included in your own policy coverage. Additionally, in certain situations, you may seek punitive damages, intended to penalize the other driver for their extreme negligence.

In certain accidents, both drivers may share some degree of fault. If you’re found to bear more than fifty percent of the responsibility, you won’t be eligible to receive any compensation. However, if your fault is determined to be equal to or less than fifty percent, you can still receive damages, albeit reduced based on your percentage of liability. The extent of fault can be discussed with an adjuster or decided by an arbitrator, judge, or jury.

Whether liable or not, pursuing rightful compensation for physical, emotional, and financial damages is paramount. Hence, consultation with legal professionals is recommended.

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