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A Basic Guide for Buying Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

A Basic Guide for Buying Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Looking to spice up your bathroom vanity area but you’re not sure where to start? Painting, buying a new mirror or adding a little bit of decor are nice changeups for the time being, but eventually, you’ll be back at square one, trying to figure out how to update your vanity space. As bathroom trends change constantly, it’s hard to decide on a permanent design, but with this guide, you’ll find vanity elements that can go with any style. And most importantly, will live on as trends change.

Black Fixtures

Out are the overly shiny chrome and gold sink faucets, and in with dark fixtures with a matte finish. This will give your vanity an antique feel, bringing character into the bathroom without overpowering any other features. Matte black fixtures will also provide contrast with white or lighter coloured countertops.

An Accent Wall

A simple painted wall behind a vanity doesn’t do much to awaken the senses in the morning. Take the weekend to add a bit of interest to your vanity area by applying a small section of wallpaper just behind it. Something bold and busy, like an assortment of leafy green plants or watercolours to liven up the space. Or if adding wallpaper isn’t your cup of tea, use uniquely shaped or coloured tiles to add interest to your bathroom vanity.

Sink Bowl

A bowl, or vessel, sink adds both personality and a hint of minimalism to the vanity area. Whether it’s installed entirely above the countertop or recessed a bit, vessel sinks will become the focal point of any bathroom vanity. Available in both ceramic and tempered glass, this sink option can work in designs that are rustic, traditional, modern and more.

Floating Vanity

The reason floating vanities have become so popular is due to the magic behind their appearance. A vanity that floats, Why wouldn’t want to hop on that bandwagon? It creates a clean and airy feel to the entire bathroom by opening up the floor space. Mounted to the wall, these vanities come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours, you name it.

Furniture Pieces

Are you looking to add a unique element to your vanity space but you’ve already implemented a few of the suggestions above? Then maybe it’s your vanity itself. Who said you need to have a traditional bathroom vanity, that’s white with clean lines and chrome hardware? Try installing a vanity that has unique furniture elements, or maybe even use a refinished dresser or vintage cabinets as your new vanity.

Accessories to Add To Your Bathroom To Make Your Vanity Pop!

The master bathroom is your personal space in which you can unwind, relax and even escape when you need to. For these reasons, this space should be special and to your liking so that it makes you happy every single time you enter this room. 

Here are some ways to help make your master bathroom incredible:

  1. Place a unique lighting fixture that has a design that is outside the box. It can be dramatic, rustic or modern, and the shape can be something you won’t see anywhere else. This will not only provide the bathroom with brightness, it will also make it very stylish and cool.
  2. If you want your bathroom to be a place where you can escape, place candles and small spiritual statues to make it a space where you feel calm and peaceful. This will help you forget the long day you just had and will help you relax.
  3. Add fresh flowers and greenery to your bathroom to enhance the space and make it pretty. Everyone loves a fresh bouquet of flowers or a beautiful plant, so treat yourself to these things and place them in beautiful jars or vases in your bathroom.
  4. If you want elegance, change the entrance to your bathroom from standard doors and place French doors, double doors or even a fancy curtain so that you feel good just by looking at the room without having entered it yet. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  5. Choose colours that make you happy. Everyone has different taste and a master bathroom is a personal space that should be to your liking. You can do earth tones if you’re looking for a space that’s calming and peaceful or choose to do a bold colour that is bright and fun. Remember that this is your escape room where you’re going to want to come and unwind, so choose colours and designs that reflect your personality and personal style.

How to remove stains from Chrome and Gold-Toned Faucets

After you have installed your new vanity and used it for a few weeks or months, you will probably face the question, “how do I clean this properly?” Here’s what you can do. 

Remove Water Spots: Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Dip an old toothbrush in the solution and scrub the vanity gently. Rinse well with tap water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Remove Mineral Deposits: Dip a thick, absorbent paper towel or a few cotton balls in the white vinegar and water solution. Rub it all over the vanity. Let it sit for 15 minutes. The solution absorbs all the mineral deposits. Rinse with tap water and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Another way is to take a sheet of wax paper and rub it all over the vanity. Although the idea seems ridiculous, see how ingeniously it works. The wax not just cleans up the spots but leaves a coating that prevents future stains for a while. However, this idea works best on chrome fixtures. Other finishes have coatings that can wear off with all that rubbing.

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